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September 13, 2006, 9:21 am
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Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Speaks Truth to Chimps burned her first bra to protest Nixon’s illegal/immoral war when she was an 8-year-old boy (“my parents were very progressive”).

She then burned many more of her bras during Ray-Gun’s illegal/immoral invasion of the sovereign nation of Grenada; Bush Sr.’s illegal/immoral invasion of the soveign nations of Panama and Kuwait; and her lingerie bill has positively gone through the roof during the Bu$hHitlerBurton regime’s illegal/immoral invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Currently working as an Activist, Speaks Truth to Chimps spends her spare time speaking about herself in the 3rd person, and awaiting the end of the current regime so that an enlightened progressive govenment will finally pay for her gender reassignment surgery.

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So what did you do during Clinton’s totally legal and morally justified invasions of Haiti, Bosnia, and Waco?

I know I was thrilled by his actions. The USA had sufferred far too long under the constant threat of a Serbian, Haitian, or KKKristian invasion.

Comment by Che

Darlin’, you need to hang out on State Street more often. I know you would get traffic in a twist with your burnings of lingerie.

Comment by PTPFP

How does one apply to be in the Gulagosphere ?

Comment by Mother of all Blog Pimps

If I still thought I was stuck in the 90’s I’d swear I was reading the Misanthropic Bitch (www.misanthropic-bitch.com/)… but I’ve been taking my pills and until three minutes ago I was pretty sure it was 2003. Now I don’t know where the fuck I am anymore. Yeah, thanks for that.

Comment by feartheseeds

Perhaps if you take another pill, you will reach 2006, where the glorious People’s Revolution has begun in the USSA!

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

Dude(tte), get your head together. If it was 2006 I’d be planning my vacation to Falluja for the 2007 Fourth Annual “Mission Accomplished Baghdad Celebration Of Democratic Excellence” featuring Ted Nugent, Toby Keith, Nawal Al Zoughby and the Blue Man Group, feat. the severed head of Saddam And His All Star Krump Dancing Team. Everytime I check the news there’s still some ‘street cleaning’ going on, so it’s definitely still 2003.

Comment by feartheseeds

Now that we’ve confirmed The Severed Head Of Saddam And His All-Star Krump Dance Team are booked all we have to do now is negotiate terms with Toby Keith, slap some body armour and “Vichy Army” patches on some random Iraqi’s, and book our hotel rooms. 2004’s almost here Dude(tte)!!

Comment by feartheseeds

Now that I’ve read your auto-bio, I can more readily “appreciate” your insane rants without even having to resort to my copy of the DSM-IV.

Comment by JB Casper

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