Bush IS Hitler

What Is He Smirking About?
September 15, 2006, 2:40 am
Filed under: The Picture On My Blog

I look at the picture of Bush at the top of my blog, and I can’t help but wonder what he’s pointing at and laughing about.

It was taken at a PNAC (Project for a Nazi AmeriKKKan Century) convention in 1998, when they had decided to install Bush as dictator.

Is he saying, “Look, there’s some poor people. Let’s steal from them to give to my rich KKKorporate KKKronies.”

Is he saying, “That spot over there would be a good place to torture Muslim Freedom Fighters.”

Or did he just see something shiny?

What do YOU think?

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Yep, that’s our fuhrer, alright, and Laura is his Eva Braun. You must continue speaking truth to power.

Comment by libmeister

It’s almost as though he’s saying, “Hey world, pull my finger.”

Is there no end to the depths he’ll stoop to appeal to the red staters?

Comment by Che

Looks like he’s saying “on sep 11, 2001, I’ll bring those twin towers down!”

Comment by dave

“First down!”

Comment by Fist of Etiquette

Wow!! That pic is awesome! It’s not even PhotoShopped like everything that comes out of Faux News!

Comment by Arbiter

Actually, he’s saying, “Look!! I picked a winner. Or, maybe it’s my brain. I have difficulty telling them apart.”

Comment by Kiki Bee

Or “Hey! Check out what I dug out of my nose!”

Comment by Che

Oh. That’s what Kinky was getting at. Damn subtleties.

Comment by Che

“Hey world, pull my finger.”

Little did the world know the size of the hot steaming dump that would be unleashed upon it!

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

“Who’s next? Those bastards over there, that’s who”

Comment by Dodger

Smell my finger! I just had some Hillary Halibut pie!

Comment by Goebbels

Look! There’s Saddam swinging from our flag pole. Haahahaha…eh?…ewwweee,ohhhhhh,…ahh…DUDE!,
that’s GOTTA suck.

Comment by Jael's Tent Peg

“Can you see that rainbow?” Al Gore invented it.

Comment by Jael's Tent Peg

Bush is pointing at the bag of money ($50,000) I gave to Swiftboat Veterans for the Truth in exchange for my appointment as ambassador to Belgium.

Comment by Sam Fox

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