Bush IS Hitler

French Say ODB is Dead; Clinton Vindicated
September 25, 2006, 7:29 am
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On the same day that Bill Clinton mourned, with the class that was the hallmark of his presidency , that he had failed to capture or kill Bin Laden, a French newspaper revealed that bin Laden is dead!

Well this a no-brainer. After Bill Clinton stained Monica’s dress, he lobbed a couple of cruise missiles at an aspirin factory in Sudan. This created an aspirin cloud that covered the entire region, leading to an “Aspirin Winter”. All aspirin bottles contain a warning about possible kidney damage. Everyone knows that ODB has had kidney problems, and he obviously succumbed, due to Clinton’s bombing.

How fortunate that this news comes out on the same day that Clinton thought he had failed. It turns out that the man from Hope succeeded!

And oh how I remember Newt GinGrinchWhoStoleRamadan standing up on the floor of the Senate after Clinton bombed the aspirin factory saying, “Bubba, stop obsessing about ODB! It’s much more important that we impeach you on a partisan vote for having 100% consensual non-sex with an intern on government property during working hours, which is your own personal private business, and has nothing to do with potential perjury (depending upon your definition of the word “is”)… than your silly obsession with the completely harmless ODB and al Wu-Tang Clan-Qaeda.

It just goes to show that the effects of Saint Bill’s Blessed Presidency are still being revealed to this day, and Republicans are poopy-heads.

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