Bush IS Hitler

National Intelligence Estimate: “Bush IQ: 10”
September 27, 2006, 7:24 am
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As reported in the New York Times, a recently leaked National Intelligence Estimate, estimates that Bush has an Intelligence Quotient of 10. The ReiKKK-Wingers are spinning this as “a perfect 10”, but unfortunately, the scale is from 1 to 200, with 100 being average. If the estimate is correct, this would place Bush’s intelligence slightly above all but the most intelligent of garden slugs. And of course you get 10 points just for writing your name and wiping your own ass (although many believe Laura does both for him).

Still think he didn’t “just see something shiny”?

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Bush does not have Hitler’s oratorical skill. Plus Hitler invaded his neighbours first.

Comment by the1rod

If Bush had been born in Germany, I’ll bet he would have Hitler’s oratorical skill. Nothing makes a person sound more like Hitler than speaking German.

Hitler invaded his neighbours first.” You mean like how Bush invaded Afghani$tan and IraKKK? And you watch, if Canada pisses him off, they’re next!

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

No, I think I meant Hitler invaded his neighbours before moving on to bigger fish. So, yes, Canada should have been first for Bush. Or Mexico. What’s with Canadian’s anyway? Does the French part support Bush or not?

Comment by the1rod

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