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Like the Holocaust, Never Forget Helen Chenoweth
October 3, 2006, 12:37 am
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Today I clicked on a link that, instead of where it was supposed to, took me to the DemocratUnderground’s orgy of Progressive thankfulness that (former ReNaziCant Rep.) Helen Chenoweth died today in a traffic accident. They agree (as do we all) that “The world is a better place without her”, “No tears shed here”, “She was a corporate whore and sell out to big business”, “Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead”, “Good!”, “what a bitch”, “The fishies & the forests are smilin’ tonight!”, and in response to, “wish DUers here had better sense than to gloat”, “You didn’t know the bitch Helen, did you?”

My uncle died in a traffic accident a year ago next week, and my aunt was touch and go for awhile and has to use a walker. My uncle was a Democrat (not sure about the aunt, although she’s KKKristian), so fortunately I wasn’t forced to laugh in my aunt and cousin’s faces with glee and do an Irish Jig on my uncle’s grave during the funeral, that another non-Progressive had bitten the dust (1 down, half the country to go).

Sometimes I lose track… Who’s currently ahead in the race to hate Republicans the most? Is it we Progressives, or the Religion Of Peace?

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