Bush IS Hitler

Where is Bush During Hawaii’s “Katrina”?
October 16, 2006, 10:19 pm
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Dateline: Hawaii, 1 day after their devastating magnitude 6.6 earthquake.

Inspired by Sean Penn, I stowed away on a plane bound for Hawaii disguised as a Muslim Freedom Fighter so nobody would even look at me for fear of an ACLU lawsuit.

In solidarity with my progressive Hawaiian BrothSisters who are currently denied OVER 1000 RIGHTS(!) since Hawaii didn’t pass Gay Marriage, I ate nothing but cubes of C&H sugar that I bought from a Hippie carrying both a “No Nukes” and a “We Support North Korea” sign outside the airport.

When I arrived, I was shocked and horrified at the devestation that I saw. Only one word can describe it, “Awake”! Locals and vacationers alike were all “Awake!

It was far out! Then there are the colors, so bright that I can’t keep my eyes open. Bush is trying to blind me! Aaaaaaah!

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Did you notice the destroyed church in your link?

Where’s your Messiah now, Rethugs?!

Also, your blogroll should read: “Fellow Progressyves”

Comment by Damian G.

Because of the sugar cubes, I couldn’t tell if the church had been destroyed, or if it was melting. It’s nice to see that Evolution is finally fighting back against the Religiou$ ReiKKK!

P.S. Thanks for linking to me on your blog. I returned the favor (whatever good that will do you).

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

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