Bush IS Hitler

Top 10 Reasons the Religious Right Should Stop Voting Until Jesus Runs
October 21, 2006, 11:35 pm
Filed under: Christians Shouldn't Vote

1) There is not even one Republican that IS Jesus (NOT ONE)!

2) There is not even one Republican that is NAMED Jesus (NOT ONE)!

3) Not only are no Republicans Jesus (or named Jesus), many of them are NOT EVEN PERFECT like Jesus!

4) Not only was Mark Foley (a GAY) not stoned to death by the Republicans, he was allowed to stay in the Party until it became apparent that he was talking dirty to former Pages.

5) The Republicans ALMOST PASSED AN ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY BILL, before the Republicans in the House nixed it and instead passed a (totally illegal and immoral) Border Fence bill building 700 miles of fences, and also employing other high-tech means of border control.

6) The Republicans tried to save Social Security. How dare they! That’s a Democrat program, and should only be touched by Democrat hands.

7) Nancy Pelosi IS JESUS, and will espouse the San Francisco values that Jesus would espouse today (if he were alive), like Gay Marriage, impeachment of George Bush, and surrender to the Religion of Peace.

8) Harry Reid is completely free of ethical scandals, other than that land deal he didn’t report, and that he made $1.1 million off of, while technically not owning the land and not reporting that he sold the land. Like Whitewater, it’s all too complicated for you to care about.

9) The economy appears to be booming, with the Stock Market setting record highs, and unemployment far below the average of the Clinton administration, and not to mention the budget deficit falling to a tiny percentage of GDP. But it’s all smoke and mirrors. You just wait, as soon as the election is over and Democrats take their rightful power, the economy will collapse.

10) If you don’t vote, the Democrats will gain power, and after another 40 years, things will get so bad that you’ll finally be able to elect another “TRUE CONSERVATIVE”.

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Absolutely hilarious and probably believed by any number of progressyves who see Democrats as the seraphims who surround the throne of Gaia.

Comment by libmeister

Then who IS Satan?

Comment by Damian G.

Survey says… Number One Answer: “Bush IS Satan!” But that’s another website for me to start.

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

We progressives say “GIVE US BARRABUS!!!”

Comment by Dave

Wow, what an important site. So up to date, and so intellectually challenging. Let’s face it, you’re a reactionary douche bag, blaming the world for your failed view of existence. LOLOLOL!!!!

Comment by Dave Russell

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