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Amendment? He Don’t Need to Read No Stinking Amendment!
October 31, 2006, 12:03 am
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Michael J. Fox (better known as Alex P. McFly) admitted on “This Week with George Staphylococcus”, that he hadn’t bothered to read a Missouri Constitutional Amendment before he endorsed it and all things Democrat.

He didn’t NEED to read it! Democrats told him that it was a very nice Constitutional Amendment. And that it was a very good Constitutional Amendment. What more could anyone need to know!

Come on you ReiKKK Winger$, have a heart (I’m obviously asking the impossible)! The man has a disease that has deprived the world of “A Family Ties Reunion”, “Back to the Future 4” and “Teen Wolf 3”! What? You actually want to make him suffer even more by forcing him to read all of the legal mumbo-jumbo in a silly little Constitutional Amendment? What next? Are you going to nail a puppy’s paw to the ground and then criticize it for running in circles, you heartless Nazis?

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Where were you people when MJ was shilling for Arlen Specter? Why was it OK then, and not now?


Comment by NWJR

That’s right! Why weren’t any Right Wingers whining about MJ Fox when he was shilling for Arlen Specter! And even more important, did he even bother to read Arlen Specter before shilling for him?

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

If my eyeballs were rolling around in their sockets like his, and my head lolling back and forth, I might find it a tad difficult to read a Constitutional Amendment, too.

Comment by Kiki B.

That’s why they have the fine series, “Constitutional Amendments on Tape”. However, I’m not sure if Arlen Specter comes on tape.

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

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