Bush IS Hitler

Way to Go, Little Kim!
October 10, 2006, 8:52 pm
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Poor sensitive little Kim was toking his Jong and just Il-lin’, when ReichsFuehrer Bush suddenly called him “Axis, Bold As Evil”. So of course 2 months later he announces he made some nukes. If someone called me that, I’d make nukes faster than you could say, “Two odols of Clispy Flied Dog to go prease.”

Jimmy Carter knew how to deal with sensitive quasi-divine “President for Eternity”s:

One of Carter’s first acts in office was to order the unilateral removal of all nuclear weapons from South Korea. He also announced his intention to remove all US troops from South Korea. During his first month in office he cut the defense budget by $6 Billion” (can’t we make him run again?).

For 30 years after that, North Korea put aside their nukeyuler ambitions until Chimpy McHitler flapped his yap with his hate-speech. Therefore, we should 1) Surrender in Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy, Germany, and Japan, and apologize for imposing Democracy on them at the point of a gun. 2) Unilaterally disband our military and transfer all our nukeyuler weapons to North Korea. 3) Elect Democrats in November (maybe this should have been first).

This would show the world, and North Korea, that they have nothing to fear from us. I’m sure that then, the rest of the world would likewise lay down their arms, and we could all join together to fight the really big problems, like Global Warming etc. (see Bush IS Hitler (part 2) ).

Like the Holocaust, Never Forget Helen Chenoweth
October 3, 2006, 12:37 am
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Today I clicked on a link that, instead of where it was supposed to, took me to the DemocratUnderground’s orgy of Progressive thankfulness that (former ReNaziCant Rep.) Helen Chenoweth died today in a traffic accident. They agree (as do we all) that “The world is a better place without her”, “No tears shed here”, “She was a corporate whore and sell out to big business”, “Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead”, “Good!”, “what a bitch”, “The fishies & the forests are smilin’ tonight!”, and in response to, “wish DUers here had better sense than to gloat”, “You didn’t know the bitch Helen, did you?”

My uncle died in a traffic accident a year ago next week, and my aunt was touch and go for awhile and has to use a walker. My uncle was a Democrat (not sure about the aunt, although she’s KKKristian), so fortunately I wasn’t forced to laugh in my aunt and cousin’s faces with glee and do an Irish Jig on my uncle’s grave during the funeral, that another non-Progressive had bitten the dust (1 down, half the country to go).

Sometimes I lose track… Who’s currently ahead in the race to hate Republicans the most? Is it we Progressives, or the Religion Of Peace?