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I Can’t Wait for Wednesday
November 3, 2006, 12:52 am
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I think we Progressives shouldn’t count our chickens just yet, after all, Kerry, with his “botched joke”, did just shoot us in the foot. But, there is the definite sound of pecking coming from the shells.

I said to myself (with glee) back in May, the Repukes are going to lose the House and maybe the Senate if they pass that “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill.

Even though the KKKonservatives in the House finally rejected it, there was such anger from their base and from independents that (surprisingly) even the recent “Border Fence” bill didn’t seem to make a difference.

Our Progressive demagoguery of Social Security reform, of (Bush’s tone-deaf) Dubai Ports deal, of the Mark Foley scandal (with the help of our friends at “Big Media”, conflating innocent emails that Hastert knew about with dirty IMs that he didn’t), and Big Media’s constant reporting of “another bloody day in Iraq” whether our troops were involved or not, as though it were Bush, and not the Muslim Freedom Fighters who were causing the “bloody day”… All these things the Repukes could have withstood. They were used to it; but not that immigration bill (special kudos to John McCain here).

I ESPECIALLY appreciated the way Big Media failed to report on “Another bloody day in America; 3 people died from drive-by shootings in East L.A.” as they were reporting, “Another bloody day in Iraq; 3 people died from a roadside bombing in Baghdad.”

Even if I had dropped enough acid to be a Repuke (pheh, ptui), I couldn’t share the optimism of the ReiKKK-Wingers who say, “I’m going to teach the Republicans a lesson by not voting, that way we’ll get some TRUE conservatives elected in ’08, because they’ll see how bad the Democrats are.”

The truth is that our friends in Big Media will never expose Nancy Pelosi as a radical Progressive. They’ll pay no attention to anything questionable she says, unless it’s SO outrageous that they can’t ignore it. And she’s smarter shrewder than Charlie Rangel (who Faux News puts on all the time just to scare the Repuke base) and people like John “Reparations” Conyers.

More money will come pouring in because of power. Investigations of irrelevant things that have already been investigated will happen. Pelosi will be elevated to virtual (secular) sainthood; a veritable Moses, who led her people to the Promised Land. With no blunders on her part, we’ll be seeing a Pelosi / Obama ticket in ’08 (Kerry’s gone, Hillary’s unelectable), and don’t be surprised to see the Repukes wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.

Just imagine the joy of it! Your children in kindergarten will be forced to kiss classmates of the same sex on the lips to, “get rid of that yucky Homophobia.” Guns won’t be banned, but bullets and gunpowder will be (there’s nothing in the KKKonstitution about those)! Hate-speech will be outlawed; therefore all Repukes are going to jail! Reparations to the entire world! No more KKKristianity! No borders! No war! No violence! All of humanity and animality and plantity living in perfect harmony! I’m having a brain orgasm!

Wake me when it’s Wednesday…

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I can’t wait either…

…to watch you mo’fo’s go DOWWWN.

Comment by Damian G.

Go down on whom?

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

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