Bush IS Hitler

Letter From a Senior Citizen
November 5, 2006, 9:55 pm
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I received this heart-breaking email from a senior citizen the other day, reminding all of us Progressives why it’s so important to vote on Wednesday, November 8th.

Dear Speaks Truth to Chimps,

I am a senior citizen.

During the Clinton Administration I had an extremely good and well paying job.

I took numerous vacations and had several vacation homes.

Since President Bush took office, I have watched my entire life change for the worse.

I lost my job.

I lost my two sons in that terrible Iraq War.

I lost my homes.

I lost my health insurance.

As a matter of fact I lost virtually everything and became homeless.

Adding insult to injury, when the authorities found me living like an animal, instead of helping me, they arrested me.

I will do anything that Senator Kerry and Nancy Pelosi want, to ensure that Democrats regain power.

Bush has to go.

Saddam Hussein

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With the above photo of the Honorable George W. Bush depicted in that manner I am almost ashamed to be American. Is this why I enlisted in the USMC in 1945 and went to Okinawa, lost many friends, shot japs, so you could print this puke?

Comment by Loup garou

I am not a blogger, I don’t even have a MySpace Page, but you crack me up. I love your blog.

Comment by Laura Gibson

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