Bush IS Hitler

Democrats Sweep House, Senate, Court, Presidency!
November 7, 2006, 2:04 am
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In what can only be described as a tsunami of victory, the Democrats tonight won every House seat, and all of the up-for-grabs Senate seats bringing them to a 60 seat majority in that body.

In a surprise twist, moderates on the Supreme Court, led by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, clubbed the conservative members of the Court to death with their gavels, and then marched towards the White House.

Mr. Bush, along with Mr. Cheney and Karl Rove, had apparently seen which way the winds were blowing and had vacated Washington D.C.

Mr. Bush was apprehended a few hours later hiding in a “spider-hole” on the outskirts of Virginia. Unshaved and unkempt, Bush surrendered without incident and was taken to a hospital where he was examined by a doctor, de-loused, and de-wormed. It is expected that he will be put on trial for Crimes against Humanity in the near future.

Karl Rove, and an obese bald man reportedly muttering “F— off Rove,” and, “Go f— yourself Rove,” who might or might not be Mr. Cheney, were last seen in the mountainous border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

President Nancy Pelosi, who as House Speaker was 3rd in line behind Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, was sworn in by Chief Justice Ginsburg shortly after Mr. Bush was apprehended.

“This is the greatest day in American History,” said President Pelosi at her first news conference. Her subsequent remarks were drowned out by the cheers and applause of the gathered crowd.

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A progressyve’s dream indeed, STTC. I shake my bong water in your general direction for so powerfully and perceptively speaking truth to power

Comment by libmeister

And it’s all coming true! Sure, I left out Rumsfeld’s “resignation” in the brief news article above, but the wheels have been set in motion my friend, the wheels have been set in motion!

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

now its Obama we must hate Hilter for any one we don’t see eye to eye with we call this dirt name how child like of us

Comment by Maxine

Oh, how the new mighty have fallen. What a difference a little time and a new “leader” makes. Perhaps it’s a little karma?

Comment by LEELEE

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