Bush IS Hitler

AmeriKa, AmeriKKa
November 12, 2006, 1:40 am
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“You say puh-TEY-toh, I say puh-TAH-toh.” Or so it would seem.

The very learned and esteemed Professor Kurgman has posited that AmeriKKKa is now once again merely AmeriKa. I must respectfully disagree.

Although The Peoples have successfully regained control of the House and the Senate, I do not believe that warrants a drop in the defKon ‘K’ rating down to merely one K. In my opinion, due to the singular evil that IS Bush, AmeriKKa must still be spelled with two ‘K’s, down only one from its former three.

This has become quite a bone of contention, with Professor Kurgman proclaiming that his 3 PhDs trump my 2 PhDs and 3 Master’s Degrees, while I maintain that a full house beats 3 of a kind.

In the mean time, while we await the correct decision from The Party on this crucial divisive issue, Professor Kurgman stubbornly insists on saying “AmeriKa”, while I shall steadfastly refer to “AmeriKKa”.

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I don’t have a PHd, but I have a friend who listens to Heavy D. Is that close enough?

Comment by jimmyb

Depending on whether you agree with me, or Professor Kurgman, it might or might not be.

Comment by Speaks Truth to Chimps

this is just a statement and has nothing to do with the subject. if you left liberal eleitists hate america so much why dont you just leave huh!, if Cubas health care is so much better than why dont you go to cuba. If you want to wait months, even years for crucial exams, and surgeries just so people that spend money they dont have get free healthcare two words, Canada,and Britain. america is the greatest damn country and it shouldnt be spelled with 1 K, 2Ks, or even 3ks. cuz if this country was such a steaming pile of crap, do you really think people would be risking their lives just to get in her no they wouldsnt

Comment by obama bin baiden

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