Bush IS Hitler

Letter From a Senior Citizen
November 5, 2006, 9:55 pm
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I received this heart-breaking email from a senior citizen the other day, reminding all of us Progressives why it’s so important to vote on Wednesday, November 8th.

Dear Speaks Truth to Chimps,

I am a senior citizen.

During the Clinton Administration I had an extremely good and well paying job.

I took numerous vacations and had several vacation homes.

Since President Bush took office, I have watched my entire life change for the worse.

I lost my job.

I lost my two sons in that terrible Iraq War.

I lost my homes.

I lost my health insurance.

As a matter of fact I lost virtually everything and became homeless.

Adding insult to injury, when the authorities found me living like an animal, instead of helping me, they arrested me.

I will do anything that Senator Kerry and Nancy Pelosi want, to ensure that Democrats regain power.

Bush has to go.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein Found Guilty; Bush Still At Large
November 5, 2006, 12:06 pm
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Saddam Hussein was found guilty of something or another today, but I ask you, “Who is the REAL criminal?”

Who actually HAS Weapons of Mass Destruction? Bush, that’s who!

Who invaded a Sovereign Nation? Bush, that’s who!

Who killed 500,000 civilians (and counting) in Iraq? Bush, that’s who!

Who committed atrocities at Abu Ghraib? Bush, that’s who!

Who lied to start a war? Bush, that’s who (Bush lied, people died)!

Who spied on his own people? Bush, that’s who (Bush spied, the Statue of Liberty cried)!

Who killed 6 million Zionists in a previous life? Bush, that’s who!

Who stole 2 elections, and then deposed a president who was elected with 100% of the vote (Saddam Hussein)? Bush, that’s who!

Who refuses to pay for my gender reassignment surgery? Bush, that’s who!

So, anyone with half a brain can plainly see that the wrong man was on trial!

Speaks Truth to Chimps Named “Hero of Gulagosphere”
November 4, 2006, 9:29 pm
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I was just officially named “Hero of Gulagosphere


Gulagosphere is an answer to the right-wing Pajamas Media conglomerate of capitalist lackeys.

In addition, “Bush IS Hitler” was accepted into “The Worldwide Network of Party Organs” with the comment, “Excellent blog. Very progressive. Very useful.”


This is a high honor indeed, and I am very proud. If only Lenin were still alive to see this day.

NY Times: Saddam less than 1 Year Away From Nukes. Reinstall Him!
November 3, 2006, 10:54 pm
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Thank you New York Times! You came across this incredible story where you say:

Experts say that at the time, Mr. Hussein’s scientists were on the verge of building an atom bomb, as little as a year away.” (the last paragraph of page 1, you will need to subscribe to the NY Times to see it if this one of my older posts).

And you BURIED the story, and somehow managed to turn it into an anti-Bush/Bush is incompetent story to boot!

By buried, I mean that Sludge had it as a breaking story last night, and Rush-from-drugs Lim-bow-wow mentioned it this morning, yet it took me forever to find it (I’m not a subscriber to the NY Times; Welfare doesn’t cover that).

Four days before an election, and you finally put to rest the “Bush Lied!/No WMDs!” mantra, and you bury it! You should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor, and all other Progressive Medals. In fact we should create a new medal just for you! Perhaps the Order of Newspapers Unworthy Of The Honor Of Lining My Pigeon Cage, If I Had Any Pigeons!

I have heard many Progressives say that we should reinstall Saddam Hussein, and of course they’re so right. With Iran on the verge of nukes, wouldn’t the world be such a much better place if Saddam Hussein were still in power with nukes to counterbalance Iran?

I Can’t Wait for Wednesday
November 3, 2006, 12:52 am
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I think we Progressives shouldn’t count our chickens just yet, after all, Kerry, with his “botched joke”, did just shoot us in the foot. But, there is the definite sound of pecking coming from the shells.

I said to myself (with glee) back in May, the Repukes are going to lose the House and maybe the Senate if they pass that “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill.

Even though the KKKonservatives in the House finally rejected it, there was such anger from their base and from independents that (surprisingly) even the recent “Border Fence” bill didn’t seem to make a difference.

Our Progressive demagoguery of Social Security reform, of (Bush’s tone-deaf) Dubai Ports deal, of the Mark Foley scandal (with the help of our friends at “Big Media”, conflating innocent emails that Hastert knew about with dirty IMs that he didn’t), and Big Media’s constant reporting of “another bloody day in Iraq” whether our troops were involved or not, as though it were Bush, and not the Muslim Freedom Fighters who were causing the “bloody day”… All these things the Repukes could have withstood. They were used to it; but not that immigration bill (special kudos to John McCain here).

I ESPECIALLY appreciated the way Big Media failed to report on “Another bloody day in America; 3 people died from drive-by shootings in East L.A.” as they were reporting, “Another bloody day in Iraq; 3 people died from a roadside bombing in Baghdad.”

Even if I had dropped enough acid to be a Repuke (pheh, ptui), I couldn’t share the optimism of the ReiKKK-Wingers who say, “I’m going to teach the Republicans a lesson by not voting, that way we’ll get some TRUE conservatives elected in ’08, because they’ll see how bad the Democrats are.”

The truth is that our friends in Big Media will never expose Nancy Pelosi as a radical Progressive. They’ll pay no attention to anything questionable she says, unless it’s SO outrageous that they can’t ignore it. And she’s smarter shrewder than Charlie Rangel (who Faux News puts on all the time just to scare the Repuke base) and people like John “Reparations” Conyers.

More money will come pouring in because of power. Investigations of irrelevant things that have already been investigated will happen. Pelosi will be elevated to virtual (secular) sainthood; a veritable Moses, who led her people to the Promised Land. With no blunders on her part, we’ll be seeing a Pelosi / Obama ticket in ’08 (Kerry’s gone, Hillary’s unelectable), and don’t be surprised to see the Repukes wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.

Just imagine the joy of it! Your children in kindergarten will be forced to kiss classmates of the same sex on the lips to, “get rid of that yucky Homophobia.” Guns won’t be banned, but bullets and gunpowder will be (there’s nothing in the KKKonstitution about those)! Hate-speech will be outlawed; therefore all Repukes are going to jail! Reparations to the entire world! No more KKKristianity! No borders! No war! No violence! All of humanity and animality and plantity living in perfect harmony! I’m having a brain orgasm!

Wake me when it’s Wednesday…

Exclusive: Preview of John Kerry’s New Stand-Up Act
November 2, 2006, 1:14 am
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My fellow travellers Americans. Imagine, if you will, that you are in a bar, and that behind the bar is me, John Kerry, dispensing beverages as though I were an ordinary man. I know, I know, it stretches the imagination to an almost unfathomable level, but bear with me. Now imagine that 19 American retards Troops come into that very bar.

I say to them, “There are so many of you. How many exactly are there of you, if you are able to count to such a high number?”

Well, after all their shoes are removed, and in one case, their pants (one retard Troop was counting too high), along with much confusion and mirth, they finally come to a consensus and say, “19.”

And I reply, and this is the funny part, “I asked how many of you there were, not the average of your Intelligence Quotients!”

Kerry: “Don’t be a Retard Like Our Troops”
October 31, 2006, 9:02 pm
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Finally, “The Man from France” had the courage to say out loud, what everyone else was already thinking; that our troops are retarded homicidal baby-killers. Well he actually said that last part quite some time ago, but I’m sure he means it even more now than ever.

And who would know more about the military than JFK (or Ketchup Man, as his friends call him). After all, he spent almost 4 months in Vietnam committing atrocities, getting injured and earning medals.

Wait a second, I remember finding an old Kerry diary in an antique store right after Dan Rather found those documents about Bush’s National Guard (lack of) Service. Here are some relevant parts:

April 2, 1969
Today my squadron and I burned a village full of civilians to the ground in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan. Some might choose to refer to this as an atrocity. I prefer to refer to it as “fun”.

There was a Vietnamese (or “Gook” as I prefer to call them) baby left alive within the village, so I suggested that we barbecue and eat it. This turned out to be the single best order I have yet given while serving in Gookland, for it was delicious (!), reminiscent of veal. For others in this conflict, it may be about staunching the flow of Communism. For me, this conflict is all about eating babies.

April 3, 1969
Last night I was wounded in action by that baby I ate. I was vomiting all night in a manner reminiscent of a sandwich I once ate at the Genghis Cohen Deli. I shall submit a report on the incident demanding my 3rd Purple Heart, and in addition, the Congressional Medal of Honor. Truly that baby had the strength of 10 100 a battalion of men with the amount of vomit and diarrhea it caused as it worked its way through my digestive system. I shall henceforth refer to this as “The Battle of the Big Baby Battalion”, and have already pinned my stained shorts on my chest as a de facto medal. I’m going home.

Well, that PROVES that all military people are homicidal baby-eating retards, doesn’t it!

Amendment? He Don’t Need to Read No Stinking Amendment!
October 31, 2006, 12:03 am
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Michael J. Fox (better known as Alex P. McFly) admitted on “This Week with George Staphylococcus”, that he hadn’t bothered to read a Missouri Constitutional Amendment before he endorsed it and all things Democrat.

He didn’t NEED to read it! Democrats told him that it was a very nice Constitutional Amendment. And that it was a very good Constitutional Amendment. What more could anyone need to know!

Come on you ReiKKK Winger$, have a heart (I’m obviously asking the impossible)! The man has a disease that has deprived the world of “A Family Ties Reunion”, “Back to the Future 4” and “Teen Wolf 3”! What? You actually want to make him suffer even more by forcing him to read all of the legal mumbo-jumbo in a silly little Constitutional Amendment? What next? Are you going to nail a puppy’s paw to the ground and then criticize it for running in circles, you heartless Nazis?

Right-Wing NJ Court Energizes GOP Base
October 27, 2006, 5:12 pm
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The New Jersey State Supreme Court just ordered the Legislature to implement Gay Marriage or its equivalent.

The timing of this ruling is beyond suspicious, coming as it does right before an election where the RepukeliKKKan base had all but deserted them. The Court could have waited until the day after the election, so Nancy Peligrosi and Harry Reid would have been elected and implemented Gay Marriage nationally. But instead, these ReiKKK-Wing hacks in black robes ordered Gay Marriage in a tiny little nothing state like New Jersey, just in time to energize the RepublicaNazi base right before the election!

Hey New Jersey State Supreme Court! How much did KKKarl Rove pay you?

Top 10 Reasons the Religious Right Should Stop Voting Until Jesus Runs
October 21, 2006, 11:35 pm
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1) There is not even one Republican that IS Jesus (NOT ONE)!

2) There is not even one Republican that is NAMED Jesus (NOT ONE)!

3) Not only are no Republicans Jesus (or named Jesus), many of them are NOT EVEN PERFECT like Jesus!

4) Not only was Mark Foley (a GAY) not stoned to death by the Republicans, he was allowed to stay in the Party until it became apparent that he was talking dirty to former Pages.

5) The Republicans ALMOST PASSED AN ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY BILL, before the Republicans in the House nixed it and instead passed a (totally illegal and immoral) Border Fence bill building 700 miles of fences, and also employing other high-tech means of border control.

6) The Republicans tried to save Social Security. How dare they! That’s a Democrat program, and should only be touched by Democrat hands.

7) Nancy Pelosi IS JESUS, and will espouse the San Francisco values that Jesus would espouse today (if he were alive), like Gay Marriage, impeachment of George Bush, and surrender to the Religion of Peace.

8) Harry Reid is completely free of ethical scandals, other than that land deal he didn’t report, and that he made $1.1 million off of, while technically not owning the land and not reporting that he sold the land. Like Whitewater, it’s all too complicated for you to care about.

9) The economy appears to be booming, with the Stock Market setting record highs, and unemployment far below the average of the Clinton administration, and not to mention the budget deficit falling to a tiny percentage of GDP. But it’s all smoke and mirrors. You just wait, as soon as the election is over and Democrats take their rightful power, the economy will collapse.

10) If you don’t vote, the Democrats will gain power, and after another 40 years, things will get so bad that you’ll finally be able to elect another “TRUE CONSERVATIVE”.